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General FAQs

How do I know if I need a Security Consultant?

You probably need a Security Consultant if you put on multiple meetings, conventions and trade shows annually, you are having a program in an unfamiliar venue(even though you have had walk-through) and want a peace of mind and the consistency in security management services to know that you don't have to deal with security related issues.

Also a security consultant has the experience/ expertise to develop and design your security plan to protect your best interest and work within your budget. If there is no previous relationship with any security vendor, we would be happy to assign a professional consultant to you. For more information, please contact sales@jnasecurity.com.

In What Locations does Johnson & Associates Provide Service?

Johnson & Associates is a public corporation based out of San Diego, California with 23 locations nationwide. We also have exclusive network partners in 65 cities across the country and in Canada. See all locations with map and directions HERE.

Do I have to use the Convention Centers' In-House or Security Suppliers on their list?

Obviously, the Centers' In-House vendors are familiar with the venue, the centers' event managers, and the centers' expectations. However, they do have the tendency to take for granted the work given to them because they are in that particular position and it may reflect in their service to you. Also, their pricing may be higher because they have exclusive rights and you don't necessarily get the best 'bang for your buck'.

With the Security Suppliers that are on the list, many are providing lowball pricing. So even though you fall below your budget, you will get exactly what you paid for: below par services.

With Johnson & Associates, you will know what to expect from city to city. The professional services and pricing will be consistent all around. Johnson & Associates also has some unique ways of handling losses (i.e. laptops, plasma TV's) and a passion for customer service. For more information, please contact, sales@jnasecurity.com.

If I have an Event in one of the cities that you don't service, do I have to pay for Travel, etc.?

If we do not have an office in the city in which your event is being held, then we work with our exclusive network partners that share our corporate philosophy and expectations with our clients. These partnerships have been established for years and we keep our coalitions in order.

If the event is in a city that neither we nor our partners are in, then will have to send out one of our Project Managers to the city in which the event is being held. For the most part, your cost would merely consist of reasonable travel, lodging and the hourly price for the services rendered.

How much do you Charge?

There are a lot of variables that determine what the cost will be. There is a range from state to state. Most Meetings, Conferences and Events consist of pricing for Project Managers (if needed), Supervisors and Security Officers.

We strongly believe that we can coordinate any security plan within most reasonable budgets. We are also very competitive with Non-profit and Charitable Associations/Organizations. We understand how difficult it is to raise monies and we want to work with you so we can have a customer for a lifetime.

For more details, please contact, sales@jnasecurity.com.

I'm doing a security related article for my publication. Can Johnson & Associates assist me?

Yes, as a matter of fact we have assisted many newspapers, special event magazines and security industry publications with vital up to date security viewpoints and analyses of security measures for various public situations. For more information, please contact,  publicrelations@jnasecurity.com.

How can Meeting and Event Planners assess the credibility of security services and experts?

Search for results and check references. Most inexperienced or 'fly by night' companies will not have well written proposals in response to your RFP. The information will lack details and a form of methodology.

Ask questions, if you are not familiar with the company, and always ascertain if the company has done a similar size show and actually has the personnel to do it. Find our about training and types of certifications required as well.

For more information, info@jnasecurity.com.

Convention & Trade Show FAQs

Are they licensed and insured?

You'll want to make sure they carry enough coverage in the event something does go wrong. Many venues have a minimum coverage and you'll need to make sure they meet those requirements.

The city or state may have specific business licenses that need to be verified to ensure they are current.

How long have they been in business?

Although many start-up companies are terrific, you'll want to make sure they have the necessary experience and personnel to handle your event. Remember, price should not always be the determining factor and you may only get what you paid for.

What other events have they staffed?

It won't help your trade show/convention if the only events they have staffed are sporting events or street fairs. Every type of event has unique requirements, especially meetings and conferences.

Do they have a relationship with local authorities/police?

Do the police cooperate with them in planning emergency procedures? Do they respond in a timely manner? If there is ever a need for additional support, you'll want a firm that can get results.

What are their practices regarding 'ghosting?'

Sometimes you are promised more than you get. Staff and guards are pulling double duty to cover shortfalls.

What training does their staff have?

You'll want their staff to have covered such basics as; customer service, disability awareness and cultural diversity awareness to name a few.

What credentials do their guards have?

There is a difference between staff and guards. Not only in their credentials but in the training they receive.

Will there be continuous coverage?

Often times, security or staff is cut during normal hours of exhibit operations. You'll want to know who is going to be there and when.

Do they offer individual booth security as well as the exhibit hall and meeting rooms?

You may not care if someone takes a stress ball as a promotional item, but you do care if they take your confidential pricing notebook. Make sure your guards know what the patrons can take.

Do they provide you with an inventory of the equipment they will be monitoring?

If your booth/venue has high-tech items, computers/laptops, important display items, you can't really leave it to chance that they will be there when you return from your break. Make sure nothing goes missing in your absence.

Who will be your point of contact?

It's a waste of your valuable time to go searching for someone who can answer your questions. You need to have a single point of contact throughout the trade show/convention for all your concerns.