About Us

Founded in the Millennium year of 2000, Johnson & Associates is a full service Nationwide Security Management & Consultant firm. Our corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, CA with branch offices in Houston, Los Angeles, San Jose, Phoenix, Washington DC, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale. We also serve 65 cities across the US.

The company provides innovative event-security management services, security consultant surveys, risk management, executive protection and various other security/emergency planning measures for red-carpet galas, conventions, meetings/trade shows, celebrity charity events, awards shows and other high profile or corporate special events.

Johnson & Associates' proprietors have over 25 years of professional security management, executive protection and public safety experience in managing high profile celebrity events, some of the convention & trade show industry's top 200 shows and major corporate sporting event parties, including star-studded Super Bowl and NBA All-Star galas across the country.

Additional Associates that make up Johnson & Associates' management team have over 45 years of combined law enforcement, military and security consultant experience, all of whom have made the successful transition to the security industry to work with the special event industry's evolving trends.

The company's philosophy was built on changing the way security services are provided and replacing the perception that is attached with the appearance, customer service skills and overall reaction of security officers, especially in the convention arena. We decided to focus on thoroughly training personnel with proper guest and customer service techniques. Then we took a 'second to none' policy on having highly presentable personnel with a sharp appearance. Finally, we instituted updated security training measures that consist of a proactive approach, yet a low-key demeanor, which establishes a unique relationship with our client's guests. In other words, "Brains over Brawns".

Our goal is to continue to create revolutionary security plans and strategies for our clients in order to enhance their overall safety at events and conferences, protect proprietary information and streamline the amount of logistical participation event/meeting planners must get involved with in security management issues.

We have a passion to be creative, understand and listen to our client's needs, promote cost effective professional security services within any budget, provide feedback through candid post-event reports and surpass our clients' expectations each and every time.

Johnson & Associates knows that we are only as good as our last project, which is why we will go above and beyond what is expected. We welcome the opportunity to upgrade your security to first class and provide the necessary consistency you need at nationwide venues.